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Nard2Hard has the key to success with his course “The Music Empire Builder Blueprint”

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Nard2Hard has the key to success with his course “The Music Empire Builder Blueprint”

August 23
15:54 2021
Nard2Hard has the key to success with his course "The Music Empire Builder Blueprint"
It is with unshakable will and unimaginable ambition that Nard2Hard has attained success with his empire. Now he wants to open his secrets to the world with his course “The Music Empire Builder Blueprint.”

East Orange, New Jersey native Bernard Martin held a fate that was yet to be known to his young mind growing up. He would become a music mogul that has successfully unlocked the steps to manifest his dreams as a music aficionado and multimillion dollar entrepreneur. With the influence of artists that paved the way for others to follow, he was inspired by bosses like Birdman, Puffy, Master P, Yo Gotti and Jay-Z. He adopted the stage name Nard2Hard given to him by fans which reflected his heavy punchlines, metaphors, and wordplay. After starting to do music at the age of 13, he eventually created his band W.A.M.M (We’re A Motivational Movement) which gave him his second moniker in the industry, Mr. WAMM.

Fueled with enthusiasm along his musical journey, Nard2Hard was juggling working at Taco Bell while funding his career. But the road to greatness was filled with obstacles and hardships that nearly pushed Nard2Hard over the edge. Over a period of 12 years, Nard2Hard continued balancing his job with his career, but with it came the strain on his family, wife, and kids. Burning through hundreds of thousands of dollars investing into his career, Nard2Hard joined courses to step his knowledge up, but endured countless scams from individuals and companies that fell short on promises and broke his trust.

With the pressure building and weighing upon his mind and his family, Nard2Hard was faced with a decision, give up or risk it all to focus fully on his dreams? One incident in particular answered that question for him. Nard2Hard requested time off to attend a performance with his partner in California, to which the response from his boss was uncertain. He would end up getting the time off but from then forward Nard2Hard wanted no one to have control over where he spends his time and resigned his job 2 weeks after. Nard2Hard was exhausting blood, sweat, and tears making countless sacrifices, and finally he made the one that would change his life. Now without a job, he took his funds and invested in his own home studio setup where he spent most nights learning audio engineering from YouTube tutorials and paid online courses. With bills piling and his wife and family under the stress trying to cope, his big break came.

Nard2Hard landed a partnership deal with a digital marketing agency where his boss became his mentor that would teach him how to implement the same marketing strategies that made the company successful. Managing hundreds of marketing campaigns for companies, Nard2Hard made the most of his 3 months at the job. Applying the same strategies to his brand, he attained it, success. Now, Nard2Hard is a 7-figure earner in the music industry with accolades and accomplishments built on dedication and applying the knowledge learned throughout his experiences. He now owns a successful record label, a chain of recording studios, a music marketing agency, a songwriting academy company, a YouTube/Google ad agency, a music production company, a music distribution company, and music videography company, all while still counting figures from his own music, features, and songwriting services for other artists. Nard2Hard applied the blueprint learned from years of failures, learning, and wisdom from his mentor.

Next on his to-do list, is to share that blueprint to building a music empire in his upcoming course “The Music Empire Builder Blueprint” so others can become industry moguls like him and create generational wealth within the music industry. The course is the collective knowledge and strategies used by Nard2Hard to create his massive music empire. Academies like Full Sail or Berklee charge a tuition of 30k-50k only to afterward leave students stranded looking for a job to gain experience and be hired by a company willing to mentor their future. With Nard2Hard’s “The Music Empire Builder Blueprint” it teaches anyone how to be the boss of their own music empire with the skills and experience to market and generate revenue. This course turns anyone from being the employee, to the employer doing the hiring for their empire while enjoying the benefits of becoming a 6-7 figure music mogul within the music industry.

Nard2Hard has done the hard work and endured the sanity breaking moments so you can have all the information and knowledge without the repeated failures and nights crying in doubt of your dreams. Follow him via his socials and check out his webinar sales page to learn more about his course, “The Music Empire Builder Blueprint” and how you too can become a boss in the industry without chasing clout and propaganda to get ahead.

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