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How Big Organizations are Benefitting through DevBlockEx’s Enterprise – Grade Blockchain Solutions

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How Big Organizations are Benefitting through DevBlockEx’s Enterprise – Grade Blockchain Solutions

August 24
02:23 2021
DevBlockEx is helping big businesses transition from traditional trading technologies to making their cryptocurrency exchange platform

In recent years, DevBlockEx has served as an essential part of the enterprise stack for various businesses that want to modernize their business operations and issue digital assets. The demand for various organizations to upgrade their software architecture has been booming, with over 2300 US-based companies accepting cryptocurrencies and the increase in such companies globally that are using cryptocurrency and digital assets for a wide range of investment, operational, and transactional purposes.

NFT Marketplace Development

DevBlockEx’s NFT marketplace is dedicated to launching and trading Non-Fungible Tokens. It serves many clients, including DeFi platform owners, exchange owners, brand labels, and management agencies, to build a decentralized marketplace for their NFTs.

Wallet Development Services

DevBlockEx’s crypto wallet supports different cryptocurrencies, which include the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. . In addition, you can facilitate your wallet deployment using its white label solution.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

DevBlockEx helps to develop crypto exchange platforms that allow you to trade cryptocurrencies you can customize to your business requirements and branding purposes. Whether you are a well-established organization or a startup business looking to enter into crypto trading, the platform will help you seize the global customer base and unlock earning streams for your business.

Improved Payment Processing

The enhanced ability to process payments makes DevBlockEx highly effective in boosting a business. Bypassing multiple financial services organizations that process payments with fees, DevBlockEx prevents its customers and merchants from paying high fees. It also allows businesses to make quick payments for any products or services provided. This quick and efficient payment processing ability brings more customers to a business and helps them collect the revenues they need to fund operations and grow their businesses.

Efficient Data Processing

DevBlockEx serves as a much-needed digital layer for the processing and coordination of information. The platform’s distributed network architecture and consensus mechanisms host more efficient data coordination than any centralized or paper-based system. Various legacy systems can be customized using enhanced distributed system designs. In short, DevBlockEx is designed to create a new business requirement that goes beyond data processing.

Trusted Transactions and Secure Business Networks

DevBlockEx’s unique services help design applications that ensure the permanent record of transactions, something that all network participants can trust. In addition, the customizable smart contract allows for automation of business logic, streamlines alignment, and ensures settlements across complex business networks. As stated earlier, it’s one of the factors why Fortune 500 companies in major industries, including financial services and global trade, are betting big on DevBlockEx’s blockchain-based application development platform to launch their enterprise.

DevBlockEx is a blockchain development organization that provides the best solutions for people who want to be a part of the crypto trading business. The research-driven crypto solution providing company uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Analytics, and blockchain technologies to help clients succeed in their crypto projects. From crypto wallet development to P2P (Point-to-Point) exchange platform creation to NFT marketplace development, DevBlockEx helps in delivering customer-centric solutions.

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