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Caixia Wu: The construction of technology-enabled agricultural wisdom needs more exploration

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Caixia Wu: The construction of technology-enabled agricultural wisdom needs more exploration

August 24
16:02 2021

In recent years, with the implementation of China’s rural revitalization strategy and the increasing application of modern information technology achievements in agriculture, smart agriculture and digital agriculture have received widespread attention. Especially the smart agriculture model, which can greatly improve production and operation efficiency, reduce costs, and protect the ecological environment, is considered to be a key driving force for the modernization of the agricultural industry.

What is smart agriculture? Caixia Wu, a famous Chinese agricultural science and technology scientist, believes that “Smart agriculture is the application of information technology to traditional agriculture, using sensors and software to control agricultural production through mobile or computer platforms, to make traditional agriculture ‘smarter’. In addition to precise perception, control and decision-making management, in a broad sense, smart agriculture also includes agricultural e-commerce, food traceability and anti-counterfeiting, agricultural leisure tourism, agricultural information services, etc. Smart agriculture makes the field of farming a complete and connected community, better adapted to the needs of productive life and economic needs from different perspectives.”

As a postdoctoral fellow in the field of agricultural science and technology and an outstanding expert in intelligent agricultural technology, Caixia Wu has an extremely deep knowledge base of agricultural theory and an active and innovative mind. Further, she has published many academic papers, professional works, and innovated and developed a number of advanced intelligent agricultural technology achievements such as “TMR Smart Ranch Monitoring System Based on Blockchain”, “Monitoring and Management System of Pasture Diseases and Insect Pests Based on Deep Learning”, “Intelligent Control System for Growth Environment Factors Applied to Closed Production System of Forage”, etc. These technical achievements have been widely used in China’s agricultural market, especially in large-scale operations in the Northeast, West and other places, which fully demonstrated their outstanding technical advantages. What is rarer is that the technology independently developed by Caixia Wu has also been applied to pasture cultivation in pastures in many countries, providing high-quality forage for cattle and sheep breeding, improving the quality and nutrition of milk production, and is praised by experts at home and abroad.

In order to make her research closer to the real application, the research results can be better implemented and effectively solve the painful problems of the industry, Caixia Wu often goes into various pastoral areas for research and field investigation, and records and compares the varieties of herbage and the conditions and actual conditions needed for its growth. Her rich field and experimental research, combined with a deep knowledge base, has given Caixia Wu a precise and profound knowledge of agriculture. Although gratifying achievements have been made in the research of smart agricultural technology, Caixia Wu said that she still need more exploration in the journey of building wisdom in agriculture. She pointed out, “For the real problem of relatively backward rural infrastructure, there are still quite a lot of vacancies in the construction of the national system of intelligent agriculture in China. To break this regional barrier, we must first make breakthroughs in some institutional mechanisms, such as how to pool and share data, how to solve the problem of data silos, how to achieve interoperability of system platforms, how to solve the problem of cutoffs, etc.”

It can be said that data is a key production factor recognized by agricultural experts. Therefore, it is very necessary to promote the development of agricultural and rural big data. In Caixia Wu’s view, digital agriculture is the heart of smart agriculture, and big data is the eyes of smart agriculture. Without the development of big data, smart agriculture is the blind men and the elephant. She believes that smart agriculture needs to focus on fields such as field cultivation, facility agriculture, livestock breeding, agricultural machinery operations, pest detection, etc., and gradually complete the sharing of data in phases to realize the digitization of agricultural historical data, the automation of data collection, intelligence of data use and convenience of data sharing. In order to do so, it is necessary to improve the networked, intelligent, service-oriented, and collaborative “Internet Plus” agricultural industry system. Only by “substituting” agricultural data through advanced technology can it be fully utilized, so as to further enhance the wisdom of the agricultural industry, and ultimately realize the construction of a smart agricultural ecosystem.

With the concept of smart agriculture becomes more and more popular in China, and with the country’s vigorous promotion of the construction of smart agriculture, the application of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other modern high-tech to promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire agricultural industry chain, so that many people redefine agriculture, but also let us see a new path to change the way of agricultural development, new methods. As an agricultural science and technology expert in China, Caixia Wu has made important explorations for the development of smart agriculture. She also said that she would continue to research and develop innovative technologies in the field of agricultural science and technology in the future, and at the same time do a good job in cultivating talents and activate advantageous resources such as knowledge technology and high-end talents to provide more kinetic energy for the construction of smart agriculture.

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