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Unique Technologies Brings Hordes of Dedicated Engineers and Developers from Central Asia to Help Startups from Silicon Valley to Conquer the World

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Unique Technologies Brings Hordes of Dedicated Engineers and Developers from Central Asia to Help Startups from Silicon Valley to Conquer the World

August 31
00:07 2021

For centuries, Central Asia has served as a critical link between Europe and Asia via the Silk Road. As the heart of global trade, it has witnessed, profited from, and exchanged increased cultural diversity and global trade development. Among other countries, Kyrgyzstan which is located in the heart of the Silk Road and is home to Azis Abakirov and Unique Technologies is a mountainous nation with breathtaking scenery. As David Brown, a Cambridge Press journalist put it in regards to the Silk Road, “Global empires have begun before from small nations in the mountains of Central Asia…”; Azis Abakirov, too, has believed in and tried to reconnect East and West and rebuild the modernized Silk Road for many years. His efforts have been quite fruitful throughout all these years.

From the dawn of time, Kyrgyz people have been known as dedicated and brave warriors who built the Empire or helped to build the Empire. Kyrgyz means Indestructible People or Immortal People #WorkWithKyrgyzConquerTheWorld

Although the Kyrgyz tech industry is not there yet in size and volume, it has enough resources to provide IT services worldwide. Here are a few reasons why Kyrgyz developers are great for outsourcing. From 2008 until the present, the Kyrgyz IT industry has risen dramatically and has the potential to access larger markets. Kyrgyz IT has previously penetrated the Japanese, UK, Ukrainian, US, Germany, India, and Kazakhstan markets and has the ability to expand further.

The industry’s youth have the potential and abilities to please the employer and work to their specifications. To supplement their talents, many developers are multilingual, which allows for easier communication with the company. Furthermore, overseas consumers might profit from Kyrgyz IT experience by spending less money and getting better products. Due to Kyrgyzstan’s tax regulations, IT specialists will be charged between $35 to $40 per hour, for a total yearly salary of $50,000 to $80,000. The Kyrgyz IT market is distinguished by its strong IT community and the growth of IT schools and bootcamps. Meetups, webinars, and other events are continuously held in the country to involve an increasing number of young people in the IT-sphere, in particular women and people with special needs. The number of IT teams and companies ready to take on serious projects from abroad is growing in the country, and the favorable tax conditions of the Kyrgyz High-Tech Park just contribute to this growth.

In order to reach out to the target clientele Azis Abakirov, the founder of Unique Technologies has represented Unique Technologies and its potentials to the US market on July 27, 2021, at the Draper University in Silicon Valley and was the first Kyrgyz representative at the school. Though it may appear that there is no room for new developers in the US market, this is a complete misconception. The US market requires 1.4 million developers due to business expansion, however, it only has roughly 500k developers. As a result, overseas developers are in high demand in the US market.

Azis Abakirov with famous Silicon Valley VC Tim Draper.

Being a local IT veteran, Unique Technologies has been in the industry for 18 years (from 2003) and has expertise working with the global market, as well as working with a diverse variety of firms and having personal experience as both customers and executors. It is also the Board of Directors of the Kyrgyz Software and Services Developers’ Association, which was formed by Kyrgyz IT businesses to promote their activities and to grow and safeguard the interests of the Kyrgyz IT sector. UT provides a comprehensive range of services that are required by every IT market or consumer. IT outsourcing & IT outstaffing solutions, project management, digital transformation services, IT consulting, and corporate IT/ICT education are among the services provided. From the various partnerships that UT has had with their international partners so far, the project for Aura 360 Mining company can be named as an example. Sergio Castanho, the representative of Aura 360 Mining company, expressed, “We have been working with Unique Technologies on development of COVID-19 tracking app. The development process was quick and the quality of work was high,”. Unique Technologies has previously worked in the Japanese, United Kingdom, United States, and Ukrainian markets. It has created a positive impression of the Kyrgyz IT industry in each market and has garnered the satisfaction of its clients.


Azis Abakirov Founder, and Gulzada Urgunalieva CEO of UT

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