Creative Biolabs Newly Launched One-stop Aptamer Development Services

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Creative Biolabs Newly Launched One-stop Aptamer Development Services

September 28
19:39 2022
Based on the advanced SELEX technology platform, Creative Biolabs is capable of providing comprehensive and high-quality aptamer development services for different forms of targets.

New York, USA – September 28, 2022 – Aptamers are oligonucleotides that bind to target proteins, lipids, or nucleic acid molecules with high specificity. Meanwhile, during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the specificity of aptamers to bind and detect viral infections has gained great research attention.

The global aptamer market is set to grow as R&D investments in the pharmaceutical and biological industries increase. According to Market Data Forecast, the global aptamer market is estimated to value USD 242.3 million in 2022 and grow to USD 523.5 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 16.66 % during the forecast period.

With years of experience and a well-established platform, Creative Biolabs is confident in providing a full range of aptamer development services.

• One-stop Aptamer In Vitro Selection Service

SELEX is an in vitro approach widely used to select aptamers that specifically bind to target ligands from a random single-stranded nucleic acid sequence library.

Based on the powerful SELEX technology, Creative Biolabs focuses on providing the best-in-class aptamer development services. Creative Biolabs has the capability to support end-to-end customized aptamer development services from single-stranded DNA library production to target-binding sequence delivery.

Services Include:

– Protein-based SELEX Services for Aptamer Development

– Whole Cell-based SELEX Services for Aptamer Development

– Live Animal-based SELEX Services for Aptamer Development

– Aptamer Pair Development Services for Aptamer Development

It is worth mentioning that what Creative Biolabs provides is a comprehensive one-stop in vitro aptamer screening service, covering the production of single-stranded DNA library, in vitro selection, NGS sequencing, aptamer synthesis, modification, to binding affinity evaluation.

• Aptamer-based Conjugation Services

Creative Biolabs provides conjugation services of aptamers with various therapeutic compounds or nanoparticles, which extends their applicability in the field of treatment and diagnosis.

Inspired by antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) that have made great achievements in cancer-target immunotherapy, aptamer-drug conjugates (ApDCs) have been extensively researched for drug-targeted delivery and cancer-targeted therapy. In addition, research has shown that ApDCs not only improve the target and bioavailability of the therapeutic loaded drugs but also significantly minimize drug toxicity toward healthy tissues.

With advanced genetic technology, Creative Biolabs is able to provide optimized and customized aptamer-drug conjugate development services, and its conjugated drug molecules cover a wide range of proteins, peptides, antibodies, antigens, enzymes, genes, small molecular chemicals, etc.

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About Creative Biolabs

As a leading biotech company, Creative Biolabs provides a comprehensive one-stop service for Complement Therapeutics. In the meantime, the company has been selected by customers from all over the world as an excellent partner for complement-based drug discovery projects.

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