Post-COVID economic transformation causing disruption to the Consumer Markets, while at the same time bringing new career opportunities in the ever growing Auto industry

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Post-COVID economic transformation causing disruption to the Consumer Markets, while at the same time bringing new career opportunities in the ever growing Auto industry

November 16
17:53 2022

According to IHS Markit, during the next five years unit auto sales will increase at a 4.7% compound annual growth rate and will hit a new high at 98 million units in 2026.

But rising interest rates, supply problems, and economic growth issues, are causing an end-to-end transformation across manufacturing ecosystem as well as employment, realizing a more digital, more sustainable and more resilient automotive industry.

Automakers will continue to innovate to adapt to changing consumer demand, employment and staffing needs, sales and marketing, and regulatory changes.

Across all financial sectors, employment of financial services managers is projected to grow 17 percent from 2022 to 2031, much faster than the average for all other occupations. About 71,300 openings for financial managers are projected each year, on average, over the decade.

One of the leading roles within this expected growth sector, is the finance and insurance manager, often refer to as F&I Manager or Auto Finance Manager.

Properly trained individuals are always highly employable, and can even switch later at any time to other job opportunities within the financial sector, such as investment, or commercial or retail banking.But one has to be very careful selecting the best training and the right institution for this training.

The truth is that just like in any other industry or profession, training and education create success. Better training produces better performance and hence lead to more successful careers.

Talent needs to be nurtured by experts who have accomplished the results they are now training others to produce.

Many less than ideal online auto finance manager training courses, for instance, are nothing but a scam backed by slick and overly exaggerated online videos which cannot replace proper hands-on training with leading industry F&I experts and trained professionals with decades of relevant experience.

Plenty of companies claim to offer F&I training seminars or online video courses. When choosing a career school, a smart choice is to go for a highly reputable school that has superior training for future F&I Managers, one that gives you all the tools, knowledge, and is backed by experience of industry leading experts in the field.

Veteran Darrell Williams who received his F&I diploma certification from Automotive Dealership Institute (ADI) in May 2022 outlines why he feels that his training was far more superior than others. “The training at Automotive Dealership Institute was amazing! The month-long course is packed with information to provide the tools needed to be successful as an F&I Manager. The team at Automotive Dealership Institute is there for you after the graduation to assist with questions and help with job placement process”.

Automotive Dealership Institute is the most respected, trusted, and the licensed and independent F&I school in the USA, with over 33 years hands-on training experience by industry recognized F&I experts. Courses are designed and structured under the supervision of previously experienced dealership General Managers who know all the ins-and-outs of F&I.

Eric, a veteran who is also a graduate of Automotive Dealership Institute is now an F&I Manager at Hyundai dealership in Culver City, CA. He explains his experience with Automotive Dealership Institute: “I wish I had taken this course years ago, the knowledge and the hands on experience makes me feel that I’ve learned years of knowledge in just 4 weeks. This is a must course for anyone who wants to get into the automotive industry, and everyone in the industry”.

There are plenty of website-based businesses that offer so called “online video training” and they claim to be the best in Finance Manager Training. But these video-based profit seeking websites are not based on experienced academia and don’t produce highly successful F&I Managers since their training is based on compilation of material, often taken from others and/or copied from manuals.

Corey Donato, who is now working as an F&I Manager at RV Superstore in Buffalo, NY discusses the value of his training at Automotive Dealership Institute. “This (course) was a challenging class but it was great and informative. The instructor was great all around. I truly believe with my experience and newly gained skills at Automotive Dealership Institute, I will become an asset to any dealership.”

To be successful with an enduring career in F&I Manager, which offers one of the highest salaries in the automotive industry, you need to be aware of the difference between great training vs. online courses offered by unscrupulous shysters. These online courses are often mass-produced to reach highest number of audiences for highest possible profit. They have little or no real value, mostly online study-on-your-own and fill out the blanks, and end up offering very little for your money. If any.

The leading professional training institute in U.S. for F&I Manager training is the Automotive Dealership Institute, with the exemplary reputation in training the highest performing F&I Managers. Automotive Dealership Institute has been serving continuously for over 33 years, offering professional classroom training at the highest level, located in Scottsdale Arizona.

With decades-long strong relationships with major dealership groups such as Penske and Allstate and Power Groups and many more as well as countless independent new and used car dealerships, Automotive Dealership Institute is positioned to train professionals and then provide them with job placement assistance.

After the Black Friday, October 13, 1989 Stock Market crash, while others were bailing out, Automotive Dealership Institute doubled its efforts on helping students get the best training in industry and then provided them with job placement assistance, many of those trained, now own their own dealerships today, or were promoted to GSM, GM positions and many are still in auto business.

During the recession of 2010-2011, Automotive Dealership Institute focused its efforts on helping individuals in getting highly paid jobs in one of the most stable careers in the industry.

Following their 33-year tradition supporting their students, many of them veterans, Automotive Dealership Institute rose to the challenge, during the COVID pandemic of 2019-2020. Automotive Dealership Institute stood strong to help their students with developing a 6-figure career in a highly dynamic industry.

Once again, bells are ringing for another upcoming recession in the coming years. Automotive Dealership Institute remains devoted and dedicated to their students and will stand by them and provide excellent F&I training as well as providing job placement assistance. They have established an excellent reputation and a long list of relationships within the auto industry to help their students achieve their professional ambitions.

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