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Tmall Hey Box Hosts “China New Product Consumption Ceremony”, Sharing Insights into New Trends of Consumption in the Future

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Tmall Hey Box Hosts “China New Product Consumption Ceremony”, Sharing Insights into New Trends of Consumption in the Future

January 15
18:33 2020

Envisioning New Modes of Consumption in the Future, Tmall Hey Box Kicks off the New Year with New Products

At the second “China New Product Consumption Ceremony”, Tmall Hey Box Shares Insights into New Trends of Consumption in the Future

On January 8, the second China New Product Consumption Ceremony is held at West Bund Art Center in Shanghai. Present at the star-studded Ceremony are CEOs from more than 200 renowned domestic and overseas enterprises, nearly 1000 guests from top-tier brands, and 3 cultural celebrities: Kevin Tsai, Liu Cixin, and Ji Shisan.

The second “China New Product Consumption Ceremony”

The second “China New Product Consumption Ceremony”, hosted by Tmall Hey Box, returns at the beginning of the new year, one year after its debut. At the Ceremony, which has attracted over 200 CEOs and VPs, the participants conduct in-depth surveys of new modes of consumption, new trends, and new marketing strategies in 2020. The Ceremony also issues 2019 Tmall Top 100 New Products of the Year grand awards, announces top 9 trends in the consumption of new products in 2020 as well as Tmall’s strategies for new products in 2020, and reveals Tmall’s trendy products of 2020.

We are also delighted to have invited the observer of new products for Tmall Hey Box, Kevin Tsai. Mr. Tsai will be joined by the renowned science-fiction writer Liu Cixin and CEO of Guokr, Ji Shisan, to conduct a dialogue using human-screen interactive technology to imagine life in the future and to envisage comprehensive new modes of consumption of the Z generation. Surprisingly, the 3 speakers with different backgrounds all have unconstrained imaginations about the future. As Kevin Tsai says, “We humans are a species that realize our dreams. The world Liu Cixin describes, in which humans are robotized and computerized, may come without being noticed.”

The keywords for 2019 are “new products”. On November 11, the GMV of new products on Tmall was over 40.6 billion. 5,000 brands took part in the “Double 11 Incubation Project for a Million New Products”, which successfully promoted 16 new products with GMVs of over 100 million, and 368 new products with GMVs of over 10 million.

Tmall Hey Box, as a strategic product platform for new products on Tmall, obtained impressive results last year. At the Ceremony, Jia Luo, General Manager of Tmall Marketing & Operation Division, in his review announces that Tmall released 100 million new products in 2019. “Currently on Tmall there are 83 million loyal and dedicated customers for new products. Its users search for new products over 10 billion times on their own initiative.” Obviously, Tmall has become the largest online consumer platform for new products globally, and it is also a crucial trend indicator for new products.

Jia Luo, General Manager of Tmall Marketing & Operation Division

Among the 100 million new products released by Tmall last year, the following are indisputably some of the most phenomenal products which would immediately go out of stock when sold: Starbucks cat paw cups which were sold out in 3 seconds, SKII spot brighteners of which 1 million units were sold under 1 minute, MAC lipsticks whose GMV almost reached 100 million on the day of release, and Fresh Crème Ancienne Soft Cream of which 5000 bottles were sold in a single day, etc. At the Ceremony, from 100 million new products, Tmall Hey Box selects Top 100 “2019 New Products of the Year on Tmall” and presents annual awards for new products to representative brands.

In addition, Tmall Hey Box, which is particularly accomplished in releasing new products, brings to us this year’s award ceremony for new products of the year with a fresh outlook. In particular, Tmall Hey Box works with metropolitan record labels that combine both texture and trends in music, brings together popular pieces by several emerging musicians that illustrate the core qualities of the awarded products with music styles as diverse as Urban, Hip-hop, and Jazz, and introduces the products with cool MVs. In this way awarded at the Ceremony are, to name a few, Annual Innovative Time-Honored Brands, Annual New Brands with Potential, Annual Marketing Cases for New Brands, Annual Super Species, Annual Pioneering High-tech Products, Annual Popular New Products on the Internet, Annual Creative Cross-Boundary New Products, and Annual Trendy Media for New Products.

Li Ziqi, a food video blogger famous for her traditional style, receives the Opinion Leader of the Year for New Products grand award. She says, “In the future, I look forward to creating more videos with Chinese characteristics illustrating new traditions and slow-paced life.”

Li Ziqi receiving the Opinion Leader of the Year for New Products grand award at the Ceremony

Brands always care the most about new future trends in the consumption market of new products in China. At the Ceremony, Tmall releases 9 major trends of new products in 2020: enjoy, health, efficiency, mobile, high-tech, spotlight, tribe, culture revival, and self-cure. Each of these trends is foretold by Tmall aided with the insights into the new consumer base provided by its big data technologies.

How to work with Tmall with respect to new products?

Jun Yi, General Manager of Tmall Brand Marketing Center, announces Tmall Hey Box’s comprehensive upgrade scheme in 2020.

Tmall Hey Box will be upgraded in 4 major ways which will better aid the brands and enterprises it works with. The “Player No. 1” project aims at creating incubation channels for super new brands by combining their creation and marketing. “Super New Products Week” attempts to reach a larger consumer base in order to boost the effects of marketing efforts. “Big Bang” and “Hey Drop” are targeted at maximizing the exposure of new products. “T-Stage” as a basic platform for products is also officially available to enterprises on Tmall.

Jun Yi, General Manager of Tmall Brand Marketing Center

As the No.1 marketing platform for new products on the Internet, the number of brands with which Tmall Hey Box has established in-depth collaborative ties increased from 500 in 2018 to 5000 in 2019, and the annual number of new products it helped with marketing rose from 1.3 million in 2018 to 3.2 million in 2019, an exponential increase indeed. In addition, monthly visits to the Tmall Hey Box channel matrix have exceeded 140 million. Jun Yi also announces that in 2020, Tmall aims to promote 300 new products with GMVs of over 100 million, and to help 1000 brands to reach GMVs of over 100 million by their new products.

At the Ceremony, during the special program aimed at imagining new consumption in 2020, Kevin Tsai, Liu Cixin, and Ji Shisan freely talk about their imaginations of consumption in the future, evoking the consumers’ curiosity and imagination about new products. There are always strong connections between the future of new products and the moments when our dreams come true.

Finally, several representatives from enterprises and Tmall jointly open the gate to the “Debut of 2020 Trendy New Products”. Behind the gate there are exhibition zones for new products of 9 brands, which further give us some concrete experience as to what new consumption in 2020 will be like.

The representatives from the brands and Tmall jointly initiating the “Debut of 2020 Trendy New Products”

The 9 major brands present a spectacular experience of new products: Kao EST gives its user a brand new skin-care experience at night-time by adopting the latest super-thin film formation technology that can be seen as creating a new layer of skin for the user; P&G presents world’s first makeup printer specializing in spot brightening with precision – OPTE AI Beauty Wand; MIX Alpha 5G, with a camera of 100 million pixels, sets an outstanding example of 5G phones in the future for all techies; Lancôme hosts the global revelation of its brighter, announcing that it will first exclusively release the product at its flagship store on Tmall in February; brands including Adidas, Dyson and SK II have also revealed important new products.

From 2020 onwards, each “China New Product Consumption Ceremony” will announce trendy new products of the year in order to create new space in which brands can promote new products.

It is the brands that supply new products. At the Ceremony tier-1 brands such as Kenzo have officially announced that they will open stores on Tmall. In the future, leading brands in areas such as fashion, high-tech, makeup, and luxury will release their flagship new products at Tmall Hey Box.

At “China New Product Consumption Ceremony” showcasing numerous new products, Tmall Hey Box, which conducts in-depth research into the trends of Chinese customers in order to gain valuable insights into their purchasing habits, to develop new marketing strategies, and to find new business opportunities in the new year, has deservingly become an exemplary trend indicator for the release of new products.

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